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Felix follows agile software development practices, by which we endeavour to update the platform on a regular basis. This article aims to help you understand the various types of releases, and what is expected from you in relation to these releases.

Types of Releases

Release TypeDescription
Major ReleaseReleases that result in the introduction of major new features, or substantial changes to existing features.

This type of release tends to occur on a monthly basis, however may also occur outside of the monthly schedule from time to time. The deployment of major releases only occurs after 17:00 AEST, Monday to Thursday
Minor ReleaseReleases that result in slight changes or enhancement. These releases usually occur between major releases and do not follow a strict schedule.

As is the case with major releases, minor releases are also only deployed after 17:00 AEST, Monday to Thursday.
Support ReleasesReleases that require no structural changes to the Felix platform. They aim to address specific operational requirements and usually occur between Major and Minor releases.

The deployment of these releases can occur at any time during business hours, except during times when environment-freeze or embargo is in effect, leading up to a Major or Minor release.

Notifications of Major Platform Changes

Notification (Or release notes) are usually sent to all active Felix users to inform them of impending platform-wide changes around two (2) weeks before the anticipated release date.

For client-specific changes, similar notifications are usually sent two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated release date, to all Felix users within the particular organisation.

What is expected of me as a Felix user?

There is no action required by users following general releases of all types (Major, Minor or Support). Should you wish to learn more about the changes following a specific release, please read through our Release Notes page, or contact our support team.

For client-specific releases, you may be required to undergo Business Validation Testing with Felix during the testing cycle of that particular release. Your primary Felix contact will advise you when this testing will occur and guide you through the process.

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