Introducing standard rates

Last updated October 31, 2019
Written by Alex Moloney

The standard rates feature allows you to enter rates for each of the services you have registered against a panel as part of your prequalification for an organisation.

Standard rates are submitted against the services you supply and are used by organisations to determine a vendor's availability and expense for sourcing activities.

For some organisations using Felix, rates are a critical component of your prequalification. It's important to ensure you enter standard rates as accurately as possible, and always be mindful of the following:

  • The rates you submit will disappear from your profile if you leave the panel, or remove your services from the panel at any time.
  • Standard rates are linked directly to your services. Updating service properties will update them for all organisations at any time.

Standard rates can be added against any service in Felix. The pricing units requested can differ per service category. Once you have submitted your prequalification, the organisation will be able to view and/or approve your standard rates.

Tip:  You can learn more about submitting standard rates by reading our guide; How to submit standard rates.

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