Introducing panels

Last updated October 31, 2019
Written by Alex Moloney

Panels are used to arrange vendors into groups based on the rules and requirements set by an organisation. Your membership in a panel may dictate what kind of services you are able to add, along with which compliance documents you are asked to upload.

An organisation is able to set rules for their panels. For example, they may have a panel that is set up to only allow cranes. If you are a member of the crane panel and no others, you will not be able to list any services other than cranes.

Panel rules may also apply to compliance documents and questionnaires. An organisation may set up a panel for which the vendors are required to provide a specific set of documents, whereas vendors on a separate panel may only be required to provide Workers Compensations documents.

Tip:  If you are unsure about which panel you should join, or believe that you have been placed in the incorrect panel, it is best to reach out to the organisation directly. If you are unsure who to contact you can reach out to our friendly support team.

Listed and unlisted panels

Organisations can choose whether or not to list their panels as part of their Felix configuration. When panels are listed you can join and leave the panel as necessary. If panels are unlisted, you wont' be able to control the panels you are registered on for an organisation.

Tip:  To learn more about working with panels, you can read our guides; How to join a panel and How to leave a panel.

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