Introducing compliance documents

Last updated October 09, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

When completing a prequalification for an organisation you may be required to provide compliance documents. These documents are used by an organisation to verify that certain requirements have been met, such as evidence that you hold certain insurances and/or licenses.

An organisation will set their own requirements for which compliance documents are mandatory and which documents can be optionally provided. The documents you are asked to provide may be affected by the panel/s you are registered against, the services you have added and/or your responses to the questionnaire. It is important to maintain currency of the documents you have uploaded as expired documents may cause your account to become suspended.

You can learn more about working with compliance documents by reading our guides, How to add compliance documents, How to update compliance documents and How to remove compliance documents.

Mandatory compliance documents

Organisations have the ability to decide which documents their vendors must provide to meet their compliance requirements. To submit your application you are only required to provide the mandatory compliance documents as requested by the organisation.

The compliance documents that an organisation indicates are mandatory and itemised on the Compliance Documents section of your prequalification, accessible through the application stepper.

Expired compliance documents

Allowing your compliance documents to expire may cause your profile to become suspended or fall into non-compliance. To help you keep on top of all your documents, Felix will highlight any documents that are expiring within 30 days in gold. Documents that have already expired will be highlighted in red.

Organisations can send compliance documents expiry reminders to all vendors.

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