Types of RFQ messages

Last updated April 20, 2022
Written by Nicole Lopez

Sometimes an organisation will issue updates or notices about an RFQ. To do this the organisation will send a message within the RFQ. There four distinct types of messages that can be sent or received in an RFQ.

You can learn more about sending and receiving different types of messages by reading our guide; How to send RFQ messages.

Request for Information

A Request for Information (RFI) is a message that you are able to send to an organisation. An RFI can be used to ask further questions or clarify details regarding the RFQ. An organisation can respond to your RFI directly, or they may put out an addendum or notice to all tenderers to address any issues within the RFQ.


An addendum is an additional piece of important information added to the RFQ. It may have an effect on how you as a vendor will respond to the RFQ and as such requires an acknowledgement that you have seen it.

Notice to all tenderers

A notice to all tenderers is a message sent by the issuing organisation to all vendors who have received this RFQ. Notices to all tenderers are purely informative messages and do not require an acknowledgement.

Direct message

A direct message is a private message that can be sent by an organisation to a single vendor, or a group of vendors.

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