Introducing your vendor profile

Last updated September 08, 2023
Written by Nicole Lopez

Your vendor profile serves as a centralised hub containing comprehensive information about your business. It enables you to manage and monitor general details, contacts, logos, and company documents in a single location.

To access the vendor profile, navigate to Settings > Profile from the main menu.

General Details

The General Details section within your vendor profile houses important information about your business, including the ABN, address, phone number, and website.

  • If you have previously begun onboarding for an organisation this section may already be prefilled.

  • Australian vendors cannot update their Entity Name as this is associated with the ABN they have provided but they can update their business name or their custom vendor profile name.

  • Vendors outside Australia can update their Registered Business Name and Legal Entity Name. ABN verification for vendors outside Australia is not applicable. It only applies to Australian-based vendors.

Primary Contact Details

The Primary Contact Details section provides the primary account owner's contact information. These details will be used by organisations and Felix to communicate with you as a vendor.

  • Any details of the primary account owner could not be updated within the vendor profile. Navigate to Settings > User Management from the main menu to update any information. Refer to What is a Key Contact for more information.
  • If you only want to update your email address, go to your My Profile page.

Profile Description, Company Logo, & Profile Banner

These sections enable you to customise your Felix vendor profile.

  • Profile Description - This section allows you to describe your business.
  • Company Logo - In this section, you can upload your company logo.
  • Profile Banner - This section allows you to upload a banner picture for your company, such as a team photo or any relevant image.

Company Documents

The Company Documents section allows you to upload various documents,  pricing guides, hire agreements, and company information.

The documents you upload here are not organisation-specific and will be visible to any organisation you have been invited to.

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