February 2020

Display unlock prompt on the panel update page

Adjustments have been made to the panel update process allowing you to update a vendors panel and unlock their application in a single action.

Engagement expiry notification

Felix users utilising the engagements feature can now set up reminder emails on each engagement to be sent prior to the engagement end date. 

January 2020

Archive evaluation templates

An organisation can now archive irrelevant evaluation templates. Archived templates are stored for auditing purposes and if required can still be used towards the performance score calculation. 

Browse Panel 

We have added an option to perform a quick search for a category on the Browse Panel page.  The full category listing is now collapsed behind an accordion. 

Improved public registration layout

We have removed the conditional logic that was hiding form content and the 'Create Account' button so that users can see the full form at a glance. 

November 2019

Improve speed for Evaluation Assignments page

Improved the loading speed of the Evaluation Assignments page

Vendor status change report

Implemented new optional vendor suspension report for organisations.

Approving a compliant vendor

Adjustments have been made to the Approve Compliant Vendor permission, to allow approval providing one sign-off in each section is marked as Compliant or Partially Compliant.

Organisation Logo in vendor stepper

Organisation logos will now show for vendors when they are onboarding to an organisation.

October 2019

Sign off completion email update

Updated sign-off completion notifications to include Partially Compliant Sign-Offs

Standard rates report

Organisations utilising standard rates can now download a report of services and rates for a selection of vendors, panels or all vendors.

Split payment profile from LOPT + Improvements

Organisations capturing payment details can now create payment profiles against a vendor, combining banking details, payment terms, vendor type & internal divisions.

September 2019

Job History Internationalisation

Vendors from countries outside of Australia can now enter their Job History and Experience more accurately giving them the ability to reflect the l;./country and region of past projects.

Tools tips for all question types

Improvements were made to the usage of tool tips in Questionnaires. You can now add tool tips to all question types and document uploads.

Compliance Sign-off permission

Questionnaire Sign-Off Permissions were adjusted to be more granular. Individual permissions created for creation, update and deletion of Questionnaire Sign-Off Assignments.

Upgrade to Authentication Service

Upgrade to authentication services and processes including native support for all SAML 2.0-based Identity Providers.

August 2019

New RFQ email reminders

Additional email reminders are triggered to vendors with a pending RFQ response. Frequency is determined by the service close date and quoting period. Users are alerted to the last reminder date when triggering a manual reminder. 

Some emails now have logos

Organisation logos are included in vendor on boarding emails. 

Help vendors track service close date changes

A user can trigger an automatic notification to vendors when changing service close date within RFQ. 

Making RFQ status more readable

Vendor response status has been corrected to return "Viewed" after a vendor views an RFQ service for the first time.

July 2019 

Questionnaire improvements

The questionnaire for vendors during on boarding can be customised to have conditional questions, based on services that a vendor selects.

New security group permissions for vendor approval

New permission to prevent staff users from approving a vendor who is not fully compliant. i.e. incomplete sign off or invalidated compliance documents for a vendor.

Introducing vendor branches

Vendors are now able to set up additional locations for their profile, known as “Branches”. Vendors provide a contact person for each branch as well as contact details. This information will be visible in the vendors profile under “Additional Contacts”.

Improvements to bank details

We've made some changes to the UI used by vendors to enter their bank details:

  • Custom helper text for supporting documentation
  • Only non-editable supporting documentation can be uploaded (PDF & Image files)
  • Minor user interface improvements

Infrastructure upgrades

These infrastructure upgrades allow Felix to handle more users/clients at a time. Auto-scaling allows us to add additional hardware when we are experiencing high traffic so that we can keep Felix fast for all of our users. 

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