Vendor self-registrations

If you wish to open registration to any interested vendors, you can allow them to self-register using a custom panel registration page.

The panel registration page is an online form, which allows an un-registered vendor who accesses the link to create an account on Felix and begin onboarding for your organisation. You may wish to publish this link to a page on your organisation's website, or relevant third-party sites.

Vendors who complete self-registration through a Panel Registration Page are prompted to complete the same onboarding process as vendors who have been invited by your organisation to join the same panel.

Warning:  If a vendor is already registered with your organisation, they will be prevented from creating another account through your panel registration page. If an Invited vendor wishes to join a different panel, they can do so during the Panel Selection stage of their onboarding. If an Approved or Pending Approval vendor wishes to change their panel registration, an administrator user from your organisation will be required to update their panel registration.

How do I create a panel registration page?

If you wish to set up a panel registration page, please get in touch with our helpful support team. They will be able to assist you with the set-up of your self-registration page, according to your organisation's specific needs.

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