Vendor registration experience

It is helpful to understand the process a vendor needs to take to create an account and join your organisation. This article will provide you with knowledge of the steps your vendor will take to onboard through Felix.

To create and use a Felix vendor account is free. A vendor can be invited in two ways:

  • Vendors can self-register with your organisation through your panel registration page. This requires the vendor to fill out their details, then an automated email will be sent to the vendor with instructions on how to access their account.
  • You can trigger an email invite to the vendor/s of your choosing. This will occur when you invite an individual vendor or import a list of vendors. An automated email will be sent to the nominated vendor/s with instructions on how to access their account.

Tip:  If a vendor has not received their invitation email, they should check their junk or spam folders. If they are still unable to locate the email, please advise the vendor to contact our friendly support team who will be able to assist them in accessing their account.

Inviting a vendor to join Felix

When you invite a vendor to join Felix using the Invite feature, a Felix account will be automatically created for the vendor and an invitation email will be sent from to the nominated email address.

The invitation email provides the vendor with instructions on how to access their account. Once a vendor receives this email, they will be required to log in to their Felix account and complete the onboarding for your organisation.

Tip:  If a vendor is asked for a password when following the link in their invitation email they likely already have an existing account. If the vendor is unsure of the password for their account they are able to reset it via the login portal.

Tip:  You can learn more about how to invite vendors to onboard for your organisation by reading our guide, How to invite a vendor.

Vendor self-registration

Your vendors have the ability to self-register through your organisation's panel registration page. This page includes a panel registration form that will require the vendor to enter general information necessary to create a Felix account, as well as any specific information that you request for this panel.

The General Details section of the panel registration page asks for basic information such as the company name, phone number, ABN and address. After filling in the mandatory fields, the vendor will progress on to the Contact Details section. This section should be completed by the person who will be the primary account owner for this Felix account, as the email address will be used for logging in, account recovery and ongoing platform communications.

If any additional sections have been configured for your panel registration page, they will be presented to the vendor after they have nominated an account email address. These may contain a mix of optional and/or mandatory questions.

After completing all mandatory sections, the vendor must download, review and agree to Felix's Terms & Conditions by selecting the tick box to proceed. They can then click the Create Account button to finalise their registration.

Warning:  If a vendor is already registered with your organisation, they will be prevented from creating another account through your panel registration page.

Tip:  You can learn more about panel registration pages by reading our guide, Vendor self-registrations.

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