Vendor onboarding experience

Once a vendor has created their account, either through the Panel Registration Page or a Vendor Invite, they are required to log in to Felix and complete their onboarding.

Logging in for the first time

When a vendor joins your organisation they will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access their Felix account for the first time. The first time a vendor accesses their Felix account they will be asked to set a new password.

After setting their password, the vendor will be directed to the vendor dashboard. The vendor dashboard will display the progress of their Felix application for your organisation, along with any other applications they may currently have.

Your vendor will be required to proceed through each section of the onboarding application and then submit it to your organisation for review.

Tip:  If a vendor is asked to log in or enter a password to access Felix, they likely have an existing account. If they are unsure of the password for their account it can be reset via the login portal.

Completing Vendor Details

The Vendor Details section requests vendors to provide business and contact information. This section is required for all panels and cannot be turned off.

This section may already be populated if the vendor has completed a previous application for another organisation. The vendor must review all tabs in this section and update any information as necessary.

This includes:

  • Vendor Details:  This section includes general business information (e.g. ABN)
  • Contact Information:  This section includes the contact information of the account holder
  • Additional Contacts:  This section allows the vendor to add other contacts to their account. An additional contact will receive every Request for Quotation notification for the vendor via email
  • Company Directors:  This section allows the vendor to list their company directors

Completing onboarding

To complete their onboarding for your organisation a vendor is required to proceed through each section of the application. The sections have been outlined in the table below:

Note:  The sections below are subject to custom configuration and may not be enabled for your organisation. If a section is not configured for your organisation, the vendor will not see that section in their application stepper and will not be required to complete it before submitting their application. You can learn more about the application stepper and which sections are mandatory by reading our guide, Introducing the application stepper

Section TitleDescription
Panel Selection

The Panel Selection page is specific to your organisation. Here you can list panels which you wish to make available for vendors to self-join and/or leave.

If you have listed a panel for vendors to self-join, they can click the Join button next to the relevant panel/s they wish to join.

If you have elected not to allow vendors to make their own panel selections by using unlisted panels, they will simply need to review that their registrations are correct, and then click Proceed.     


The Services section allows the vendor to add their services against a panel. A vendor will be required to add at least one service to be able to proceed with their application.

There are three categories of services: Hire Equipment, Trades and Products. A vendor will need to select the relevant type of service, and then click the Add... button in the top right corner.

The vendor will only be able to add services from the categories that your organisation has allowed on the relevant panel.


The Questionnaire section includes the compliance questionnaire your organisation has customised for vendor on-boarding.

The vendor will be required to review all tabs of the questionnaire and provide the necessary information.     

Standard Rates

The Standard Rates section allows the vendor to add standard rates against their services. Entering standard rates will give the vendor the ability to specify set rates that are tailored to one or more regions, depending on how your organisation has configured the panel.

Compliance Documents

The Compliance Documents section allows the vendor to upload any required licenses and insurance details. Vendors may be required to upload different documentation based on which panels they are registered against, or their responses to the questionnaire.

Job History/ExperienceThe Experience section allows vendors to provide details of previous projects they have worked on. A vendor can provide their job history by clicking the Add button in the top right of the page.

Depending on the requirements of your organisation, this section can be set to mandatory or optional.

Tip:  You can learn more about listed and unlisted panels by reading our guide, Understanding panels.

Note:  A vendor will not be able to proceed with their application if they have not answered all the required sections and/or questions.

Submitting the application

Once the vendor has completed and reviewed all stages of their application, they can click the Submit Application button on their Felix dashboard. The vendor's submission can then be reviewed by your organisation's procurement team and they will be notified via email of the outcome of their application.

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