Understanding the vendor list

Last updated July 04, 2023
Written by Nicole Lopez

The vendor list is a central location to see all the vendors you have invited to work with your organisation. You can think of the vendor list as an in-depth address book.

The vendor list allows you to view and/or search for vendors based on the filters or criteria of your choosing.

You can learn more about accessing and using the vendor list in our guide; How to search the vendor list.

Understand the vendor list

The vendor list provides a snapshot of the most important details of all your vendors. You can customise which information you would like to view in the vendor list by using the Columns feature, and even save multiple views so you can swap between the information you deem most important.

The table below outlines what information each column holds:

Column NameDescription
NameThis column lists the vendor's business name. The contact email for the vendor will also be displayed in this column beneath the business name.

If another vendor in your listing uses the same business number, a red link icon will be displayed beside the business name, indicating that this business is linked to another.
Business NumberThis column lists the legal/registered business number for tax purposes. Australian-based vendors with cancelled or inactive Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) will be displayed in red. For more details on this process, refer to Vendor ABN Verification at Onboarding.
TagsThis column displays any tags that have been applied to the vendor.

Hover over the tag to see the tag caption and any comments that have been applied.
PanelsThis column lists the panels that a vendor is registered on.

If they have been approved on the panel, it is indicated with a tick icon.
If they are pending approval on the panel, it is indicated with an ‌info icon.
If they are declined or suspended on a panel, it is indicated with a no icon.

You can also hover over the panel name to see their status.
StatusThis column shows the current status of the vendor.
Next ExpiryThis column lists the next date that a compliance document the vendor has uploaded to their account will expire.

If the document has already expired, the date will be highlighted in red.
If the document is nearing expiry, the date will be highlighted in gold.
Performance ScoreThis column lists the vendor's calculated performance score. It also indicates the number of staff users that rated this vendor.

You can click the score to see a further breakdown.
IDThis column lists a unique number used to identify a vendor.
ProgressThis column indicates the progress of a vendor's onboarding application.
RatesThis column allows you to quickly access any standard rates the vendor has submitted.

You can click the number inside the circle to view the standard rates.
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