How to track vendor interactions

Last updated April 20, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

Felix allows you to track main interactions between a vendor and your organisation, such as status changes and sourcing events.

How to view vendor interactions

To view vendor interactions:

  1. Click the Vendors button in your navigation bar to access the vendor list
  2. Locate the vendor whose interactions you wish to view
  3. Hover over the more icon beside the relevant vendor
  4. Select View Profile from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on the Interactions tab

Tip:  You can filter the interaction listing by Interaction Type, Start Date and/or End Date. Click on the Show Filters button in the top right to unfurl the filters menu.

Interaction types

Interactions between organisations and vendors fall into one of the following types:

Interaction TypeDescription
Status ChangeThis interaction type records whenever a vendor's status is changed. An initial interaction will be recorded when a vendor is first Invited by your organisation and new interactions will be recorded as they progress through the onboarding application.

Possible status changes include: Invited, Pending Approval, Approved, Declined or Suspended.     
RFQThis interaction type records a vendor's response to an RFQ your organisation has issued them.

When your organisation initially issues a vendor with an RFQ the interaction will be recorded as Open.

If the vendor has opened the RFQ but is yet to provide a quote, the interaction will be recorded as Response Pending.

After the vendor has submitted a quote, the interaction will be recorded as Quoted.
EngagementThis interaction type records if you have engaged a vendor through Felix.

The status of the interaction will show as Pending or Sent.
MessageThis interaction type records if you have communicated with this vendor via message.

Interactions of the message type will show the status as Sent.

Tip:  You can learn more about what each vendor status means by reading our guide, Understanding vendor statuses.

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