How to review questionnaire responses

Last updated October 23, 2019
Written by Alex Moloney

Throughout the registration process, vendors are required to respond to a variety of questions relating to compliance, as well as general information about their company. The responses to these questions are accessible through their vendor profile.

Note:  The questionnaire is divided into sections. Sections may include Environment, Company Size, Structure & Setup, Health & Safety, Payment & Financials, etc. as per your organisations requirements.

Review a vendor's questionnaire responses

To review a vendor's questionnaire responses:

  1. Navigate to the relevant vendor profile
  2. Click on the Questionnaire tab
  3. Click on the arrow beside a section title to expand that section and view the vendor's responses
  4. Click the Download button to view supporting documentation that a vendor has submitted as part of their response

Tip:  In cases where the vendor is yet to provide the required response or documentation, the section will display Response Pending or No File Uploaded.

Note:  If your organisation has configured this section to include sign-off options, you may be required to provide your approval to one or more of the questionnaire sections. You can learn more in our guide; How to complete a compliance sign-off.

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