Understanding compliance documents

Last updated October 12, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

During onboarding vendors are able to upload any required licenses or insurances to support their application. These documents can be used by your organisation to verify that certain requirements have been met.

Compliance documents can be an optional or mandatory requirement depending on your organisation's needs. The documents that a vendor is requested to provide can be set by your organisation and may depend on the panel a vendor is registered against or their responses to the questionnaire.

Understanding document statuses

Documents can be classified as Pending, Validated or Declined. You can use document statuses to keep track of further items a vendor needs to complete before becoming approved.

PendingPending documents advise that the document has not yet been validated and requires further action.

Documents will have a Pending status by default, until they are actioned by a user.
Validated indicates that a user from your organisation has verified that the uploaded document matches the information entered by the vendor and is valid.
DeclinedA Declined status shows that a user from your organisation has indicated that the document does not match the information entered by the vendor or is invalid.
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