Understanding evaluations

Last updated May 16, 2022
Written by Princess Luzadas

Felix allows your teams to perform collaborative evaluations against custom weighted criteria to suit the needs of your organisation. You may evaluate vendor performance, their response to an RFQ or specific quote items.

Evaluation templates

When evaluating a vendor, evaluations are made using an evaluation template. Evaluation templates are a custom set of criteria and related questions that have been configured by your organisation.

Each criterion is given a custom weighting, with all criteria totalling to 100%. Questions related to the criteria may consist of Yes/No questions, scales (e.g. 0-5), or prompt you to enter text You may also be required to add comments or upload documents to support your answers.

You can learn how to create custom weighted evaluation templates in our guide, How to create an evaluation template.

Evaluation assignments

When an evaluation needs to be performed, you can select the appropriate template that should be used for the type of evaluation that is being performed, and then assign the evaluation task to the appropriate staff user. These are known as evaluation assignments.

Evaluations may be assigned to more than one staff user, allowing your teams to perform collaborative evaluations. Staff users that have been given an evaluation assignment are known as evaluation assignees.

Felix also allows you to select an evaluation chair for each assignment. The staff user assigned the evaluation chair role is responsible for overseeing the evaluation assignment.

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