How to complete a compliance sign-off

Last updated October 23, 2019
Written by Alex Moloney

If your organisation has configured the Compliance Sign-off feature, you may be required to provide your approval to one or more of the questionnaire sections.

Tip:  You can learn more about Compliance Sign-offs in our guide, Understanding compliance sign-offs.

Complete a sign-off

To complete a sign-off:

  1. Navigate to My Tasks > Sign-Off Assignments from your Felix dashboard
  2. Locate the vendor whose compliance sign-off you wish to complete     
  3. Click the arrow beside the vendor's name to reveal which section of the questionnaire you are required to sign-off and the current Sign-Off Status
  4. Click the Vendor Name to open their vendor profile
  5. Click on the Questionnaire tab
  6. Click the arrow beside the section you have been assigned to expand the section
  7. Review the information submitted by the vendor and download any documentation (If required)
  8. Use the Set Status drop-down menu to select the appropriate sign-off option

Tip:  Click the Show Filters button to unfurl the filters menu. You can easily locate sign-off assignments that you are required to complete by filtering by Assignment Status, Vendor Name or Vendor Status.

Add comments to a sign-off

To add a comment to your sign-off:

  1. Navigate to the relevant vendor profile
  2. Click on the Questionnaire tab
  3. Click on the arrow next to the section you have been assigned to expand the section
  4. Click on the Comments button to the right of the Questions button
  5. Click the Add Comment button
  6. Type your comment into the field provided
  7. Click the Submit button

Note:  Your sign-off result, name, comment and date of the comment will only be visible to administrator users within your organisation.

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