Understanding compliance document rules

Last updated October 09, 2019
Written by Princess Luzadas

Throughout the onboarding process, vendors may be required to submit compliance documents that your organisation has identified as compulsory or optional. To ensure that your vendors are prompted to upload only relevant documents as they onboard, you may use the Compliance Documents Rules feature.

Tip:  Compliance document types are enabled as per your organisations requirements. For example, your organisaton may enable Workers Compensation, Public Liability Insurance and/or Private Liability Insurance document types. If you wish to configure a new document type, please get in touch with our support team.

Types of compliance document rules

Compliance document rules can be set based upon the panel that a vendor is a member of, a service that the vendor has selected, or a questionnaire response that they have provided during onboarding. Each of the rules will allow you to set whether the document type is Optional, Mandatory or Off for the specific case.

If a document type has been set as optional, vendors will not be required to upload this compliance document during their onboarding. It will be available for selection from the Compliance Document Type drop-down menu if a vendor wishes to upload a document of this type.

If a document type has been set as mandatory, vendors will be required to upload this compliance document during their onboarding. A vendor may not submit an application to your organisation unless a document of this type has been uploaded.

If a document type has been set to off, vendors will not be able to select this compliance document type during their onboarding.

Note:  If a vendor matches the parameters of more than one rule, the stronger rule will apply. For example, a mandatory rule will override an optional rule and an optional rule will override an off rule.

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