How to send vendor messages

Last updated June 21, 2022
Written by Alex Moloney

Felix users can send bulk messages to vendors matching a specific panel and status. Use this to communicate directly with your vendors to keep them up to date.

Users will need the Send Bulk Messages to Vendors permission to perform the following actions.

Send a message to vendors

To send a new message to vendors:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Messages from your Felix dashboard
  2. Click the Create New Message button in the top right corner
  3. Enter a brief Subject in the field provided
  4. Nominate the Vendor Status of the vendors you wish the announcement to be sent to
  5. Check the box next to the name of the Recipient Panels you wish the announcement to be sent to
  6. Enter your announcement text in the Content field
  7. Click the Send button

Once a message has been sent, vendors will receive a notification email containing the content of the message, along with a link to view it in-platform.

Attachments can be uploaded to messages allowing you to send additional documentation or prepared statements to vendors. You can upload multiple attachments.

Check out our blog post How Felix supports transparent vendor communication during tendering for tips on keeping vendors informed.

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