How to view announcements

Last updated October 08, 2019
Written by Princess Luzadas

Felix allows you to manage mass communications with your vendors by sending announcements, limiting the time-consuming activity of messaging individual vendors.

Tip:  You can learn how to create vendor announcements by reading our guide, How to send vendor announcements.

View an announcement

To view an announcement that has been sent to vendors:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Messages from your Felix dashboard
  2. Locate the announcement you wish to view
  3. Click the View Contents button beside the relevant announcement to view the message contents

Understanding announcements

The Messages page displays a brief overview of each announcement. The contents of each column are outlined in the table below.

Column TitleDescription
Date SentThis column lists the date that the announcement was sent to vendors
FromThis column lists the name of the administrator user who sent the announcement.
Recipient PanelsThis column lists the panel/s that the announcement was sent to.
Vendor StatusThis column displays which vendor status the announcement was sent to.
e.g. This column will display Suspended if the announcement was only sent to vendors with a suspended status, or All if it was sent to vendors regardless of their status.
RecipientsThis column lists the number of vendors that the announcement has been sent to.
SubjectThis column displays the subject of the announcement.
ContentClicking the button in this column will allow you to view the contents of the announcement message.
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