How to allow vendors to update quotes

Last updated November 18, 2022
Written by Princess Luzadas

During RFQ creation, you have the option to prevent vendors from updating their quotes. If this option has been selected, vendors may only submit their quotes once while the quoting period is open unless given permission by an organisation user.

Allow vendors to update their quote

To allow a vendor to update their quote:

  1. Navigate to Projects > Requests for Quotation from the main menu.
  2. Locate the RFQ you wanted to allow its vendors to update their quotes by using the quick search or filters.
  3. Click on the RFQ Name or hover over the ellipsis icon and select View Details from the options.
  4. Go to the Vendors tab.
  5. Locate the service that has been quoted and the vendor you wish to unlock.
  6. Hover over the ellipsis icon and select Allow Quote Updates. The checkbox will be checked.

The vendor will be allowed to update their pricing only once for as long as the Allow Quote Updates checkbox is ticked. After the quote has been updated it will become locked again. To disable a vendor from further updating their pricing, simply un-check the permission box beside Allow Quote Updates.

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