Questionnaire sign off report

Last updated October 11, 2019
Written by Princess Luzadas

A questionnaire sign off report allows you to view details of all questionnaire sign off assignments that have been, or are required to be completed by users from your organisation. Felix gives you the ability to search and filter the sign off assignments to compile a report that has been customised to suit your needs.

Questionnaire sign off reports can be customised to only include sign off assignments related to a specific vendor or vendors of a specific status. You can also generate a report based on the assignment status, who the sign off has been assigned to, or by searching for specific keywords.

Tip:  When creating your questionnaire sign off report, the entries are organised per vendor. You can view further details about each sign off related to a vendor by clicking the arrow beside the vendors name to expand the section.

How to generate a questionnaire sign off report

To generate a questionnaire sign off report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Questionnaire Sign Off from your Felix dashboard
  2. (Optional) Use the Quick Search field to search for a specific keyword
  3. (Optional) Click the Show Filters button to unfurl the filters menu
  4. (Optional) Filter your results as required using the drop-down menus, then click the Apply Filters button
  5. When you are ready to generate the report, click the Actions button in the top right corner
  6. Select Download CSV from the drop-down menu

Note:  Your report will be generated as per the filters you have selected. You can generate a report of all questionnaire sign off assignments by following the steps above without applying any filters.

Tip:  Click the comments icon beside a sign off assignment entry to view any comments that have been left by the staff user performing the sign off.

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