How to update a special condition

Last updated October 29, 2019
Written by Alex Moloney

Felix gives you the ability to create special conditions when a vendor requests to deviate from the standard terms and conditions of an engagement. Special conditions can be updated any time prior to being accepted by both parties.

Update a special condition

To update a special condition:

  1. Navigate to the relevant RFQ
  2. Click on the Deviations tab inside the RFQ
  3. Navigate to the Special Conditions tab within the Deviations page
  4. Locate the special condition you wish to update
  5. Click the Details button beside the relevant condition
  6. Update the details of the special condition as required
  7. Click the Update button

Warning:  Special conditions must be accepted by both parties. If a vendor has accepted the special condition prior to your updates, the condition will be sent back to the vendor to accept the changes before you will be able to accept on behalf of your organisation.

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