How to release Aconex document revisions

Last updated December 09, 2021
Written by Alex Moloney

How to release a revised document to a live RFQ

To release a revised document from within an open RFQ:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab
  2. Locate the revised document you wish to release
  3. Tick the box beside the relevant document
  4. Click Release Latest Selected Revisions
  5. Click Send

When you release revised documents they will be issued as an addendum to vendors.

Vendors will receive an email notification that a new addendum has been released for the RFQ.

How to skip a revision

If you do not wish to release a specific revision of a document to your vendors, Felix gives you the ability to skip revisions.

To skip a document revision:

  1. Navigate to Projects & Quotes > Requests for Quotation from your Felix dashboard
  2. Locate the RFQ for which you want to skip a document revision
  3. Hover over the more icon beside the relevant RFQ
  4. Select View Details from the drop-down menu
  5. Navigate to the Documents tab of the RFQ
  6. Locate the revised document that you wish to skip
  7. Click the numbered circle in the Revisions column
  8. Locate the revision that you wish to skip
  9. Click the Skip button beside the relevant revision

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