Changes to the RFQ Tool

We recognise that inviting vendors is a critical step in the RFQ process, and that the right tools are necessary for a successful vendor engagement. We are therefore continuing to improve the way the RFQ Recipient List is presented and functions.

New View

With our new RFQ Recipient List view, you will now be able to quickly see crucial information about each invited vendor.

Fields available in the new view include:

  • Vendor tags allow you to select vendors based on specific attributes, without needing to view each vendor profile separately. 
  • Performance score is a clickable element which allows you to quickly to review the rating of vendor performance for the previous jobs. 
  • Additional contacts column displays all contacts from the vendor who will receive a notification about your request.

Ability to Cc contacts

In a case where you discover that an established/desired contact isn't currently in your selected vendor's recipient list, you can now easily Cc them into the request using the new Cc Contact feature.

Better way to search

We continue optimising our recommendation algorithm to save you from having to do the searching yourself. However, should you still choose to invite a non-matched vendor to an RFQ, please take note of the upcoming improvements to our search functionality. Instead of searching by Business Name only, you will soon be able to search by vendor tags, category, vendor status and panels.

Other Notes

Please be advised that our Marketplace matching functionality will be temporarily unavailable. It is currently scheduled to be released in the second phase of the above upgrades.

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