Improvements to vendor onboarding

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out a series of changes to the vendor onboarding experience. This will see a range of improvements released making it easier to manage your application and onboard with new organisations.

Interface improvements

Several of the onboarding steps have been redesigned to improve ease of use and provide greater accessibility. When completing or editing your onboarding applications, you'll now move page by page through each step, with clear options to Save or Continue depending on your progress.

As part of this we've also reduced the overall number of clicks required to complete the onboarding application making it a speedier process for users.

Google your address

We've added a new feature so you can now use Google Maps autocomplete when entering addresses throughout the application. This means that as soon as you start typing your address, suggested addresses will be display as selectable options. You'll never need to type in your entire address, saving you time and effort.

Combined service listing

Services have been combined into a unified list to simplify the process when adding and editing items. Rather than having to select a service type (Hire Equipment, Trade, or Product) before adding your item, a simple click of a single button will bring up a full list of available options.

Additionally, if a service you are listing hasn't been associated to an eligible panel, we will notify you immediately. Not having services associated to a panel may lead you to miss opportunities with an organisation - this new notification will help prevent that from happening.

Manage your panels with ease

It's now much simpler to manage your panel memberships. Available panels, and panels you are already registered for will appear separately, and the process of joining and leaving panels have been improves. This simplifies the process for you to manage your relationship with organisations you have joined.

View your application summary

Prior to submitting your application, you will now see a summary screen which will help you to know if there's anything that was missed, or notify you of other steps which may be required by the organisations you are joining.

This is the first set in a series of changes which we have planned for improvements to the Felix Vendor platform. As the year progresses, you can expect to see more exciting changes coming throughout the application. We've put a lot of thought into these changes, and we are excited about what is coming next. Stay tuned.

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