Introducing sign-off templates

Last updated March 16, 2020
Written by Alex Moloney

Sign-off templates allow your organisation to automatically designate individual sections of the questionnaire to a staff user to provide their sign-off. Multiple sign-off templates can be created and assigned to each vendor, allowing your organisation more control over the sign-off workflow.

Note:  Your previously created assignment rules are still available but are now found under Tools > Sign Off Templates.

Your organisation can configure multiple sign-off templates to meet differing requirements and ensure that only the relevant SMEs are providing their sign-off. For example, you may configure a sign-off template to be applied to international vendors whilst a different template is used for domestic vendors.

Assigning templates to vendors

The introduction of sign-off templates gives your organisation flexibility of how and when these templates are assigned to a vendor.

Templates can be assigned to vendors in one of three ways:

  • When inviting a vendor
  • When unlocking a vendor's application
  • When updating a vendor's panel memberships

Tip:  To learn how to assign a sign-off template to a vendor you can read the following guides; How to invite a vendor, How to unlock a vendor and How to apply a sign-off template to a vendor.

Sign-off assignments will be created based on the template that was assigned to the vendor at the time of submission. This means if a vendor was assigned the incorrect sign-off template during the invite process you have the ability to change the template prior to the vendor's submission.

Felix also gives you the ability to assign templates to a vendor post-submission. For example, you may wish to assign a different template to an approved vendor if they are to be placed on a new panel. If the vendor has already submitted their application any new sign-off assignments will be automatically created overnight based on the new template that has been selected.

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