Completing the address field

Last updated September 11, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

The address field has been updated to allow users to search for either an address or region within their country, and if necessary add additional details in a free text field. The search features are dynamic and depend on the country selected in your account details.

How do I search for my address?

To search for a street address or region using the address field:

  1. Make sure the Country is correct.
  2. Enter your business' physical address in the Company Address field.
  3. Select the appropriate location from the dropdown.
  4. Once you have made changes to your address, click Save.

How do I add a custom address line?

If you've been unable to find your address or you're wanting to add a unit number or PO Box:

  1. Click on Add Address Line (optional).
  2. Enter the details in the text box provided.
  3. To remove the address line, click the trash bin icon.
  4. Once you have made changes to your address, click Save.

My suburb can't be found

If an additional section displays asking you to provide your suburb, this means that our internal suburb list doesn't currently include the suburb you've set in the address field. In these cases, search to see if there's a nearest alternative that can be used, and alert our Support team so that we can have your suburb added to the list.

You can only add a suburb from the Country selected at the top of your Profile page.
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