What is a project?

Last updated August 05, 2021
Written by Alex Moloney

Projects allow you to organise your sourcing activities inside of on Felix. Projects contain folders to store your RFQs and documents, and can use custom layouts and permissions.

Projects are an optional feature for premium and enterprise Felix organisations. If you wish to enable this feature for your organisation reach out to our friendly team for more information.

Key features

  • Create an organisational structure for your sourcing activities.
  • Organise sourcing events inside of projects and folders.
  • Assign custom permissions on a per-project basis.
  • Apply a custom layout to project views.
  • Centrally store details and documents for each project.
  • Import project details and documents when creating a new RFQ.
  • Utilise a custom project logo for email notifications and within Felix.
  • Configure currencies on a per-project basis.


Within your project you'll need to create folders to store your sourcing events. Folders can be structured in any way, so you can use them to divide the project into multiple zones and regions, or even just have a single folder. You must have at least one folder within your project to create sourcing events.


Each individual project allows you to configure a custom template which is applied to the layout of information on the creation and detail screens. If you choose not to create a template, the default template will be applied to the project.

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