Enterprise support services

Last updated November 14, 2020
Written by Alex Moloney

Felix Enterprise subscriptions come complete with a standard level of product support services for customer users and vendors working with the platform.

What is included?

The following services are included as part of the Enterprise subscription for all users.

General platform assistance

Our Product Support team is here to help with a range of day-to-day questions and tasks that arise from users working with the platform.

  • Questions about the purpose and use of platform features.
  • Requests for information that isn't readily available in the platform UI.
  • Tasks which relate to the use of the platform by a user.

Troubleshooting and issue resolution

From time to time, users may encounter bugs or find that the platform is not behaving as expected. In such instances, our team is your point-of-contact providing short-term workarounds and advice on how best to mitigate the impact these issues have on your use of the platform.

Platform updates and releases

Felix is updated regularly with new features and improvements. Our team is available to provide advice and support on changes, recommendations on how best to work with new features, and receive user feedback to improve future development.

What is not included?

Our support team are here to assist with the platform and not managing vendors. If you need advice on how best to approach and work with your vendors through Felix, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team for further details.

Vendor outreach

If a vendor requires assistance troubleshooting, it's essential to send them directly to our support team and not to act as a middle-man. Due to the nature of Felix accounts, the more our team can work directly with the account owner the better.

Recommending requirements

The team at your organisation is responsible for the requirements and review of details submitted by the vendor, and in these cases, you are best equipped to advise the vendor. Sometimes vendors will reach out to our support team rather than you, and we'll either redirect them or liaise with you to establish the correct response for the vendor. 

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