Maximising vendor adoption

Last updated November 18, 2020
Written by Nick Kinch

Obtaining maximum vendor adoption does require some change management. We see the most success when companies sell the benefits of Felix to vendors and follow up with vendors as they onboard onto Felix.

Check out our tips below to maximise your vendor adoption.

Tip #1 - Send a compelling primer email to your vendors

Prior to inviting your vendors to Felix, we recommend sending them a personal email outlining the following:

  • What is Felix
  • When they're likely to receive an invitation
  • When you need them to complete their applications by
  • Include messaging advising the need for the vendor to register in order to receive future work from your company

Copy our primer email template below

Attention: [supplier name]

[Company] are excited to announce an advancement in the way we manage our vendors. We’ve recently implemented an online vendor management & sourcing system called Felix, that will allow us to better manage your business and compliance information. 

You will soon receive an invitation email from the provider of the platform, Felix Software (sent from in the coming days. Please follow the prompts in that email to complete your initial registration by [enter date/time]. It is completely FREE, only needs to be completed once. Visit this page to find out more on Felix.

Once completed, your information will be available to the relative [Company] Contracts and Supply Team members, which will save you significant time and effort as you will no longer need to provide the same information for each individual project. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Felix Support Team on or +61 1300 857 419 if you have any issues during registration or ongoing use of the platform. 

If you cannot locate the invitation email in your inbox, please check other folders as it may have ended up elsewhere. If you are not the right person within your business, please provide the details of the correct contact person.


[Signature] [Company branding]

Tip #2 - Enable the Progress column on your vendor list

Once you invite a vendor to your organisation you can track whether they have started their onboarding journey by enabling the Progress column in the vendor list. 

To enable the Progress column simply click on Columns in the vendor list and tick Progress.

Tip #3 - Follow up with vendors who are not onboarding

If you notice some vendor statuses have not changed to In Progress on the vendor list page after a week we recommend sending a reminder using the Send Reminder feature available via the more options menu next to the vendor (3 dots).

The send reminder feature will send an email to the vendor asking them to register with Felix.

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