Getting started with Vendor Details

Last updated June 17, 2021
Written by Alex Moloney

Vendor Details is the first section you'll complete when onboarding as a new vendor on Felix. Here you provide the fundamental details about your business, complete your personal information as a key contact, and have the opportunity to list any additional branches your business operates.

Complete your company profile

Our first step is to complete the company profile section, this makes sure your customers using Felix can find your business in their listings, as well as confirms your business registration and operating details. Complete each of the mandatory fields as outlined below.

Registered Business NameThe registered name of your business, this is what you'd put on your business cards and say over the phone to customers.
Legal Entity NameThe name of the legal entity operating the business. This might be your company name, or the name of an individual, partnership, or trust.
Country/Territory of Origin/HeadquartersWhat country is your business operated out of? This is the country you will be registered with for tax purposes, and will generally house your headquarters.
Business Registration Number (BRN)
Australian Business Number (ABN)
Depending on the country you select, you'll be asked to provide either an ABN or a BRN. Once you have saved information into this field it will become locked.
Company Phone NumberThe main phone number for your business.
AddressWhat is your business' physical address, or mailing address if you don't operate out of a permanent premise?
Distance willing to travelThis is set to unlimited by default, however, if you wish to limit the sourcing opportunities you will receive on Felix to within a particular distance of your location this can be achieved using this feature.

Complete any additional fields which are suitable to your business.

Enter your personal details

Next click to the Key Contact tab. Complete the First and Last Name fields, and provide a Contact Mobile for your user account. Your email has already been completed for you based on the email address you were invited with, if you'd like to change this you'll need to do this via the My Profile page.

Add branches 

If your business operates branches, you can add them now by clicking the Branch Locations tab. Branches are factored in to our matching algorithms so it's important to add branches to ensure you're matching with every available sourcing request.

To add a new branch, click Add Branch, and complete the required fields indicated with a red asterisk.

Need help at any time?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team via Get In Touch.

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