Getting started with Felix

If this is your first time using Felix, it's likely that you've received an email invitation from a customer asking you to onboard. Each invitation contains a one-time link which will allow you to set up your account password, and get started on the platform.

Who's Felix

Felix is an online procurement platform connecting vendors and customers in a network-driven environment. This helps you by centralising your compliance and tendering information in a single portal, accessible by the entire team. For your customers, this allows them to track who's best to contact, verify your compliance details, and send you new work opportunities all in the one place.

Getting started

Once you've received an invitation to Felix, click the button provided in the email to Continue. You'll be taken to our password reset page where you can enter a secure password for your user account. Click ChangeĀ to proceed.

First time set up


Need help at any time?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team via Get In Touch.

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