Procurement Schedule Overview

Last updated September 19, 2022
Written by Alex Moloney

Procurement schedules allow you to plan, schedule, track, and visualise sourcing activities for a project. Create packages and configure fields to connect seamlessly to real-time data across Felix providing a central view for progress and targets.

Procurement schedule is an add-on module for organisations using Projects. If you wish to enable this feature for your organisation reach out to our friendly team for more information.

Key features

  • Create a list of packages organised by package groups.
  • Utilise dynamic templates to create a unique view for each schedule.
  • Organise and reorganise fields using field groups.
  • Create custom fields to capture details against a package.
  • Configure dynamic fields connecting to data across Felix.
  • Visualise project progress and targets using the Project Summary.


Create packages and organise them by package groups. The fields displayed are configured at a project-level, however, templates can be configured at an organisation-level, or users can choose to use the default Felix templates. Fields can be configured for custom values, or dynamic fields allow you to pull in information from the package, RFQs, and RFAs.


See a visual overview of how projects are progressing along with budgetary targets for packages.


Check out our blog post to learn Five reasons why Procurement Schedule is better than spreadsheets.

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