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Last updated April 19, 2022
Written by Alex Moloney

Below is a list of common questions asked about the Web API. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch our friendly support team.




What is an API and how does it work?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a way to allow two separate systems to communicate with each other. Using endpoints, each system can send & receive data from the other, allowing for increased automation and integration.

What can I use the API for?

The Felix Web API allows you to retrieve and send data to Felix for reporting and integration purposes. It can be used to integrate Felix with third party ERP solutions such as SAP and JDE , or data visualisation tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.

What is available via the vendor management endpoints?

The vendor management endpoints allow access to data for vendors, questionnaire responses, items, compliance documents, tags, external references, & payment details.

What is available via the sourcing endpoints?

The sourcing endpoints allow access to data for projects, sourcing requests, pricing schedule, awards, & procurement schedule.

How can I enable the API?

The Web API is included as part of an add-on integrations suite for the Felix platform. Customers should reach out to their Customer Success representative to discuss enabling it for their organisation.

How much effort is required to integrate with tools such as Microsoft PowerBI?

Upon licensing the Web API, you may need to work with your IT teams to first understand what data or information you would like to report on. From there you will need to connect your data source and begin mapping the required endpoints.

Will I require middleware to integrate with Felix using the API?

Depending on the nature of the integration you wish to create, middleware may be required. We'd recommend consulting with your IT teams to further understand the requirements and needs of your business.

Does Felix need to configure or setup the API for us to use it?

Once the Web API has been enabled on your account there is nothing further for Felix to do. Users with the Create and Edit Integrations permission will be able to create and configure your API tokens from within the web platform.

Does Felix offer assistance in setting up API integrations with third-party systems?

Currently we don't offer assistance in configuring or setting up third-party API integrations.

Can Felix provide us licenses for third-party tools and software?

Felix does not provide managed services or licensing for third-party software. Please consult your IT teams if you need assistance with finding and licensing software for your business.

Is there a major version change policy for the API?

To ensure customers have adequate time to perform changes to any integrations utilising the Web API, after each major update the outgoing legacy version will be maintained for a period of six months. Customers will be notified of new major versions of the Web API in advance as part of our standard feature release notifications.

Where can I find developer documentation for the API?

Developer documentation for our Web API can be found at

What authentication protocol does the API use?

The Web API uses bearer token authentication. More details can be found on our developer documentation.

What is the difference between Vendor ID and Platform Vendor ID?

Vendors on Felix are associated to organisations via records which store the details of the relationship between the two entities. The id field returns the unique instance of the relationship record, while the platform_vendor_id field returns the ID of the vendor account.

What is the difference between ABN and Business Number?

Felix was originally developed as an Australia-only platform, however, we now support Australian and international vendors. The business_number field is used to store the business registration number of vendors who have selected a country other than Australia. If a vendor's primary registration is overseas and they are registered for tax purposes in Australia they will have both an abn and business_number associated with their profile.

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