How to invite new vendors or suppliers

Last updated November 22, 2023
Written by Stephen Atkinson

If you have a specific contact email or new company that you want to invite to Felix, you can invite new vendors or suppliers at any time. This will create a new vendor/supplier profile and link it to your organisation.

Note: your organisation may require you to complete an Invite Justification, depending on their settings. This process is intended to manage the flow of vendors into the vendor listing and maintain your organisation's strategies relating to vendor management.

How to invite a new vendor or supplier

To invite a new vendor/supplier who is not yet part of the Felix marketplace:

  1. Navigate to your Vendors > View all vendors or Suppliers > View all suppliers from the main menu.
  2. Click the Invite Vendor or Invite Supplier button at the top right corner.

  3. Go to Invite by email tab.
  4. Update the following:
    • Email - Enter an email to send the new vendor invite to.
    • Vendor Business Name - Enter a suggested vendor business name.
    • Panel - Select a panel by clicking the field.
    • Sign-Off Templates - Select a template by clicking the field. This may be required based on your Panel(s) selected in the form, according to your organisation's settings.
    • Vendor tags
      • This field will be visible if the Add Vendor Tag feature setting is enabled for Invite Justifications. It is intended to support the case for a new vendor request, e.g. net zero, local, diverse.
      • If desired, select a tag from the dropdown. You can also add a comment by hovering the selected tag and click the Add Comment button to enter the comment.
    • Invite Justification
      • These fields can be set as Optional or Required by the organisation. The organisation can also decide whether to request a free text comment or a file to be attached. These settings are managed by Felix on behalf of organisations. 
        • If the Enforce New Vendor Justification - Comment is enabled, this field will be present and required. Enter any related vendor invite justification notes or comments. The Invite Justification text box will be disabled if the Attach 'New Vendor Justification' file is enabled.
        • If the Attach 'New Vendor Justification' file is enabled, there will be a "dropzone" to drag and drop or select (click) and upload a file. Your organisation can also make this upload mandatory using the Enforce Justification File option.
        • Your organisation can choose to offer a template for your use when they have the Manage New Vendor Justification Template sub setting enabled.
  5. Click the Send Invitation button.

  • Zip files are not supported. For file types that are accepted, refer to File Type Support.
  • A vendor justification template needs to be added first via the Vendor Settings.

In order to manage the downloadable template in the above form: Navigate to Settings > Vendor Settings. Scroll to the bottom and go to Vendor invite justification template file section. Click the dropzone link to attach a file and click the Update button.

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