Primer Email for your vendors

Last updated December 20, 2021
Written by Nick Kinch

What is a Primer Email?

A primer email is a email to your vendors prior to inviting them to Felix, usually sent from your Company's email address.

Why send a Primer Email?

Think of how many emails you receive, what is the likelihood of you opening an email from a Company you may not have heard of?


You already have a relationship with your vendors, so to ease any concern and to avoid vendors possibly ignoring the Felix invitation email we suggest advising your vendors of your intentions to invite them to Felix.

Use our Template

Hi there,

[Company] are excited to announce an advancement in the way we manage our vendors. We’ve recently implemented an online vendor management & sourcing system called Felix, that will allow us to better manage your business and compliance information. Felix is the software used by [Company] to manage their suppliers and subcontractors. It is also used to obtain quotes from their suppliers and subcontractors. Felix is FREE to use for suppliers and subcontractors.

[Company] requires you to complete your Felix registration by the xx/xx/xx.

If you cannot locate your email invitation please use the reset password link below. If you need the Felix email invitation resent to an alternative email please reply to this email with the alternative email included.

Please note, if you do not register on Felix by xx/xx/xx you may be at risk of not receiving job opportunities from [Company].

Felix benefits for vendors

  • FREE to use
  • Provide information once and note on every project
  • Easily manage your compliance documents
  • Respond to job opportunities



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