Create unique Vendor list Views

Last updated April 20, 2023
Written by Nick Kinch

Felix allows you to use a combination of filters and columns to create a custom view of your vendor listi which you can save, access later, or set as your default view. Click here to see our How To guide on Custom Views

Common custom views

Custom View
Filters to enable
Approved vendors by a specific service/category
  • Vendor status = Approved
  • Category = search or scroll and select one or more categories
Vendors by State
  • Country = Australia
  • State = Select one or more states
Approved vendors by Tag
  • Vendor status = Approved
  • Tag = Select one or more tags.

Need more tags setup? Check out our how to guide

Vendors you Invited

  • Invited by = select your name

How to create a Custom View

Follow the below video to set up your own custom view or click here to view our step by step how to guide.

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