Setting Goals

Last updated December 20, 2021
Written by Nick Kinch

To ensure you maximise your company's return on investment, it's important to set regular goals when using Felix. 

Goals are a great way to set achievable targets for yourself and your team. This can be both when you're just getting started with Felix or to include in your regular KPI's or quarterly team goals. Check out some common customer goals below.

Goal Examples

How to track
Have X number of vendors approved by xx/xx/xx.

Use the Approved default view in your vendor list. You can download a CSV by click on Actions > Generate CSV.

Under x% of non-compliant or suspended vendors in Felix.

Go to your Vendor list and add adjust the filters to included Suspended vendors.

All RFQ's issued via Felix by xx/xx/xx
Keep track of RFQ's issued in Felix by using the Request for Quotation screen.

All data can be exported and reported on using Actions > Download Data

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