Felix pre-go live email for your team - Operations

Last updated December 21, 2021
Written by Nick Kinch

This email can be used to educate your operations team of the upcoming implementation of Felix in your business.

Primer Email Example

Hi {Name},


{Company name} are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new procurement technology called Felix.


The platform will provide a centralised portal from which operations staff can search for qualified consultants and manage sourcing and engagement processes.


Offline and highly manual processes that will be taken online include:


  • Vendor Prequalification
  • Compliance Management
  • Sourcing (Direct Engagement/RFQ’s) including Evaluations and Approvals
  • Tracking vendor engagements
  • Evaluating vendor performance 


This new tool will dramatically reduce the need for operations to get involved with manual administrative tasks. 


Felix is completely free for our vendors (suppliers, subcontractors and service providers) to use and they will receive real-time alerts to help them manage their profile and keep crucial information up to date.


A series of general and concentrated training workshops will be held across the business in the coming weeks. 


Please check out the Felix Help Centre or for additional technical enquiries, please contact the Australian-based Felix Support Team on +61 7 3062 8260 or help@felix.net.

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