Steps for a successful Felix implementation

Last updated December 21, 2021
Written by Nick Kinch


  1. Get to know Felix-

  2. Introduce your business to Felix before Go Live–An internal email or post on your Intranet regarding the implementation of Felix can go a long way. Letting your business know about the investment you just made to improve your supply chain management and procurement procedures.
  3. Check out our example internal primer email template for Senior Managers

  4. Check out our example internal primer email template for Operations.

  5. Vendor/Supplier data cleanse–As you will be inviting your vendors to Felix by email it's important to ensure their contact emails are correct. If the email addresses you have on file haven't been used in some time, we recommend contacting your vendors to obtain the most up to date email address before inviting them to Felix. This is to ensure maximum vendor adoption when your vendors have been invited to Felix.

  6. Segment your vendors before inviting them to Felix-Vendors who you have worked with recently are more likely to onboard and complete their pre-qualification. Look to invite your preferred/recently used vendors first, followed by your other vendors.

  7. Begin drafting your vendor primer email -This is the email you’re going to send to your vendors in the lead up to inviting them to Felix. A good primer email should include an introduction to Felix, the benefits for your vendors, application cut off dates and how vendors can get help. Check out our example primer email template. 
  8. Set vendor onboarding targets -Works towards a goal of X% of vendors onboarded to Felix by xx/xx/xx.

  9. Organise any additional internal Training. Rest assured we’ll provide key user training at Go Live.

  10. Create your vendor sign off template-Once you gain access to your live Felix environment it’s time to create your vendor sign off template. A sign off template is what determines who in your organisation will review a vendors questionnaire responses.

  11. Vendor follow ups-Reach out to vendors who have not started or submitted their Felix invitations after a certain period. Use the Send Reminder feature on the vendor list screen.


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