How to Add a Team Using the Quick Add Option

Last updated May 31, 2022
Written by Princess Luzadas

Alternatively, you can add a team via the User Management Setting. This is applicable whether you are adding new users or existing users.

Adding a team via the User Management Setting

To add a team:

  1. Navigate to Settings > User Management from your Felix dashboard.

  2. Locate the user you want to add to a team or enter the user's name in the search bar if it is an existing user. For a new user, refer to How to Manage Users.
  3. In the Teams field, enter the Team Name in the field provided.
  4. Click the Quick Add button. The Team Name will be added in the list.

  5. Click the Select Team dropdown and select the preferred team.
  6. Click the Assign button.
  7. Click the Update button.

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