How to Assign a New RFQ Owner

Last updated May 31, 2022
Written by Princess Luzadas

Managing RFQ ownership helps you assign an RFQ to the appropriate person to be notified if there are any concerns relating to the RFQ. This is also helpful if the original RFQ Owner is on leave for work or left the business, you can change the RFQ Owner anytime.

Users who have access to the project and permission to edit RFQs can change the RFQ Owner.

Assigning a new RFQ Owner

To assign a new RFQ Owner:

  1. In Job Summary tab under RFQ Owner section, update the Name field by clicking the pencil icon.
  2. Select the new RFQ Owner from the dropdown.
  3. Click the Update button.
  4. Click the Update button to confirm the changes.

  • The new RFQ Owner will receive the updates and notifications for the assigned RFQ.
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