Connect InEight Document and Felix

Last updated September 20, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

The InEight Document integration is configured per project. The following instructions outline how to configure the integration at a project level to allow users to import files from InEight Document into RFQs in Felix.

To access the Integrations page for a relevant project, a user requires View all Projects and Manage Project Integrations security group permissions.

To connect an InEight Document project to Felix:

  1. Navigate to Projects from the main menu.
  2. Locate the project that you would like to configure the integration for by using the quick search or filters.
  3. Click on the Title of the project or hover over the ellipsis icon and select View from the options.
  4. Go to Integrations on the left panel.
  5. In the Document Management section, you will see an option to connect to InEight Document.

  6. Click the Connect button.
  7. In the configuration screen, populate the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*).

    User IDThe InEight User ID for the user enables the integration between Felix and InEight Document. Only one user needs to be mapped for the integration to be established for the project. Authenticated users in Felix will be able to access InEight documents for the connected project through the integration. As an example, the User ID could be in the format of JOHNSMITH.
    Company ID
    Company ID of the selected mapped user. For example, YOURCOMPANY.
    PasswordPassword of the selected mapped user.
    Project ID
    Project ID for the InEight project where the documents are hosted. Note that only one InEight project can be connected to a Felix project at a time.
    HostProvide the server where the project is hosted using either the short format (e.g. au1) or the full URL (e.g. Projects hosted on dedicated custom servers are required to use the full URL.
  8. Click the Test Connection button to ensure the credentials you entered are accurate. A green message will pop up if the connection is successful. If the connection is unsuccessful, you will get an error message.
  9. Click Connect to finalise the connection.
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