Change of Ownership vs. Deleting the Vendor Account to Issue a New Invitation

Last updated July 25, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

Change of Ownership

A change of ownership is recommended for a vendor account when:

  • There is evidence that the previous owner of the vendor account has had any interactions made on their Felix account. (e.g. started the onboarding process, responded to an RFQ, etc.)
  • An organisation user has performed evaluations or uploaded documents against a vendor record.

Refer to How to Check if a Vendor has Started an Onboarding Application to know where the vendor is up to in their onboarding application.

We make this recommendation whenever a vendor profile is deleted. Both the vendor and the organisation will lose any historical record of anything associated with the vendor account.

Download the Change of Account Ownership form here.

Deleting the vendor account to issue a new invite

It is recommended to delete the vendor account to send a new invitation when the vendor has not made any progress on their onboarding application.

You can check by adding the Progress column to the vendor list. If the status shows Not Started, that means there is no impact on deleting the vendor account.

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