How to Check if a Vendor has Started an Onboarding Application

Last updated April 20, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

Organisations can check the status of their vendors' onboarding application via the vendor list or the vendor profile.

Check via the vendor list

  1. Navigate to Vendors > View all vendors from the main menu.
  2. In the right-hand side of the page, click the Columns dropdown and click the Progress checkbox.
    • You will see the following statuses:
      • Not Started - This means the vendor has not logged in to initiate any part of their onboarding application.
      • In Progress - This means the vendor has logged in and started their onboarding application.
      • Submitted - This means the vendor has submitted their onboarding application. 

Check via the vendor profile

You can check where a vendor is up to on their onboarding application by reviewing the different parts of their profile that they are required to complete for their onboarding. When a vendor answers a question or adds something to their profile, it will appear visible on the organisation's end before the vendor submits the application. In this case, the vendor's profile is live so you can check what they have completed or have not completed yet on their onboarding application.

The following are sections included for the onboarding of vendors:

  1. Vendor Details - This includes address, ABN, Key Contact details, etc.
  2. Panel Selection - Vendors can just proceed in this section.
  3. Services - Information populates to Services > Full Service Listing.
  4. Questionnaire - Information populates to the Questionnaire tab.
  5. Compliance Documents - Information populates to the Compliance Documents tab.

You can randomly check any of the sections and it does not have to be in a sequential order.

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