Vendor ABN Verification at Onboarding

Last updated September 08, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

What is Vendor ABN Verification at Onboarding

During the onboarding process of an Australian vendor to Felix, it is mandatory to provide a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). This allows us to automatically populate essential vendor business details from the Australian Business Register (ABR).

A valid ABN refers to one that exists in the ABR database, and it can have either an 'Active' or 'Cancelled' ABN status.

By pre-populating business information from the ABR, we enhance the accuracy of vendor data, ensure compliance with Australian business operations, and expedite the overall onboarding time for vendors.

Vendor ABN Verification Process

For instructions on how to complete vendor details, refer to How to complete vendor details.

Trading Names registered with the ABR are not available in Felix. As of November 1st 2023, the ABR has discontinued the inclusion of Trading Names in their lookup service. For more information regarding Trading Names, refer to the ABR website.

Vendors have the flexibility to update their ABN until they have completed onboarding with at least one organisation. After onboarding with at least one organisation, any changes to the vendor's ABN will require assistance from Felix Support. For further guidance on changing your ABN, refer to About vendor ABN changes.

Ongoing ABN Checks and Web API

Felix conducts a weekly check on vendors with verified ABNs to monitor any updates to their ABN status or entity name. If any changes are detected, they are automatically applied to the vendors' accounts. Additionally, a notification email is sent to the key contacts of organisations that have vendors with recent entity names or ABN status changes within the last 7 days.

Access to vendor ABN verification data is available through the Felix Web API for our premium and enterprise organisations. To learn more about the Felix Web API, refer to What is the Web API.

Furthermore, certain vendor ABN verification data can be obtained through the Vendor Data Export. For details on how to download the report, refer to How to export vendor data.

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