Introducing the Public Portal

Last updated September 27, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

We are so excited to hear your feedback about Felix and to share your thoughts about the future. We believe your success is our success, and we want to reflect your voice in the Felix that we build together.

To make it easier for you to share your ideas and learn about our plans, we are now introducing a customer-facing roadmap portal.

In this new portal, you can:

  • See what improvements we are actively working on (Coming next)
  • Vote and provide feedback on ideas we are considering (Under consideration)
  • Catch up on features we've launched recently (Launched)
  • Submit new ideas that are not yet published on our portal (Submit idea)

How to access the portal

To access the portal, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Felix account.
  2. Locate the Question icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Hover over the icon and select the Feedback and Roadmap option.

When you first access the portal, you will be presented with a consent page that explains how your information will be handled if you proceed with using the portal. Reach out to us via if you have any concerns or questions about the use of your information.

If you choose to proceed, you will be redirected to the portal page where you can access our plans and submit new ideas.

How to interpret feature statuses in the portal

You will find three tabs within the portal.

Coming nextThese are opportunities we are actively working on. These features are likely already in development or with our Product team in the final stages of specifications.

Don't shy away from leaving your feedback here. We always want to hear your thoughts even if we have already started.
Considering - Feedback wantedThese are opportunities and ideas we are exploring. Some of the opportunities may be at different stages of our discovery and design process but we always want to hear what you have to say.

Your input here will be most critical as it will help us prioritise the work, shape the solution, and create the most impactful designs that meet your expectations (or exceed them!).
LaunchedHere, you can see features we have launched in the past. We may not publish the full list of changes on this page so if you are interested in the full list of changes, go to our Release Notes page here.

Feel free to provide comments about the features we have launched in the past. Whether that's simply to say that you found them useful or let us know that more improvements are needed.

What's in it for me

We believe that together we can shape a better product and help you derive a lot more value from your interactions with Felix. By sharing your feedback, you can trust that we hear your perspective and will consider it in future development making the experience of all users better. We think it's a win-win!

Voting on opportunities in the portal also means you will stay in the loop as we progress with them. We may publish updates, links to surveys, research or designs, and overall provide feedback to you about our plans.

Finally, seeing what we are working on can also help you prepare for change (if any) and plan how you would incorporate it into your processes.

What happens when I submit an idea

All votes and feature ideas are sent straight to our Product team who review them daily. Our Product team will analyse your feedback and may reach out to you directly for more details. We then link your insights to opportunities that are prioritised for discovery. You will see those appear on the roadmap in the Under Consideration tab.

Public Portal FAQs

Listed below are several common questions often raised concerning the public portal.

  • Do all customer ideas appear on the portal?

Our Product team curates which ideas appear on the portal. If you submit an idea, the Product team will receive it directly, analyse it, and prioritise it. The team may choose to publish opportunities that are highly requested by many customers or promising ideas that may gain a lot of traction. We wish we could do everything at once!

  • What if I don't see the feature I am interested in?

We love your feedback and receive a lot of it (thank you!). That also means we may not publish all ideas we are receiving to keep the portal focused on a few ones we are currently prioritising. Do not be discouraged if your idea does not appear on the portal. If it is critical to your workflow, you can always submit it again so our team knows how important it is to you.

  • Can Support or CS teams leave feedback on my behalf?

Our internal team always pass your feedback to the Product team for consideration (they are great at that). However, they cannot vote on your behalf using the portal. If you want to see your vote reflected on the portal, submit your feedback against the specific portal card.

  • Do we see all the features you are working on in the Coming next section?

We will aim to communicate as much as we can to you in advance so you can prepare for any change. Some smaller or commercially sensitive opportunities may not be immediately published on the portal.

  • The idea I have voted on before has disappeared from the portal, what does this mean?

We publish ideas on the portal for validation with users like you. If the opportunity disappeared from the portal, it may mean that it was not gathering traction. We decided not to pursue it for the time being or we are re-considering how to approach it.

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