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Last updated March 20, 2024
Written by Stephen Atkinson


Some of your clients may be using Eftsure to validate bank details in Australia and New Zealand

Some of Felix's Contractor clients may be using Eftsure. What is Eftsure?

Eftsure is Australia's market leader in payment fraud prevention. Specifically designed for businesses, Eftsure's end-to-end solution safeguards more than $216b in B2B payments per year. Eftsure's mission is to build a safer business community. With a large and continuously growing database of verified supplier details (the only one of its kind), Eftsure uses multi-factor verification to give businesses greater knowledge and control over onboarding suppliers, receiving invoices and making payments. In short, Eftsure ensures our customers never pay the wrong people - and that your hard-earned payment doesn't go to a fraudster instead. By completing Eftsure's verification process, you'll help to minimise cybercrime and become part of a secure community.

Some of these Eftsure clients may have decided to integrate Felix and Eftsure to automate the validation of payment details for bank accounts in Australia and New Zealand.

If you have been validated with Eftsure before, you may notice the onboarding process in Felix becomes a little easier when it comes to payment details submission and validation.

Changes to the Payment Details Form when using Eftsure

If you are onboarding with a client that has integrated Felix and Eftsure, the payment details form in Felix will act a little differently for bank accounts in Australia and New Zealand.

As you complete the form, Felix is able to provide you feedback on the following fields:

  • BSB/NCC number - you may get feedback that the BSB/NCC you entered is invalid. As this could be due to incorrect entry of the value, we encourage you to check this number and try again.

  • BSB/NCC number and account number (and Suffix, for New Zealand) - once you have entered both these numbers, Felix is able to check with Eftsure's database as to whether the details have been verified before. If they arent recognised, you will get feedback preparing you that the details will need to be verified by Eftsure - where they will email and or call you.

  • BSB/NCC number, account number (and suffix for NZ), and account name - Felix is able to check with Eftsure's database for this combination. If the combination is recognised by Eftsure, then you will get feedback and can expect validation in Felix without further contact from Eftsure. 
    • If the Account Name is not recognised, you will get feedback with the name Eftsure has previously validated. This feedback could be due to reasons such as you using a nickname for the account, versus the full account name as it appears on a statement.

Additionally, Felix will inform you that the email address you enter at the bottom of the form will be used to communicate with your company for Eftsure to validate your banking details.

Unlike the typical payment detail form, if you are submitting payment details for an organisation that uses Eftsure, you will not be able to submit both domestic and international payment details on the same form. You will need to submit these individually.

You may receive an email from Eftsure after you submit

If your BSB/NCC number and account number (and suffix for NZ) were not identified as previously validated in Eftsure's database, then you will receive an email from Eftsure.

This email will go to the email address you entered at the bottom of the Add Payment Details form in Felix.

The email will come from Eftsure, but will likely include branding and context from your client.

You will be provided with an option (not mandatory) to connect/login to your bank account and verify Account Name on the spot. If you choose not to use this method, or if you don't respond to the email, Eftsure will independently find your business and contact your business to verify the banking details you provided.

You may also receive a call from Eftsure

If you choose not to use the the bank account connect/link method in the email you received from Eftsure, or if you didn't respond to the email, Eftsure will independently find your business and contact your business to verify the banking details you provided.

Here's some additional context from Efsture:

At Eftsure, we take the security of our verification process seriously. As an additional step to ensure the legitimacy of the supplier, we independently source a phone number to contact them in case their mailbox has been compromised. Once we have obtained the phone number, one of our experienced verification experts will personally reach out to you to verify your details over the phone. To ensure the authenticity of the call, you will be quoted the 4-digit reference number that was provided when you completed the online form. Our verification expert will then verbally provide you with the last 3 digits of the account number, and ask you to confirm the remaining digits, BSB, bank account name, and ABN.

At this link, you can view the only phone numbers that Eftsure use for verification purposes:

Supplier information - eftsure 

How we look after your privacy when dealing with Eftsure

Felix's Privacy Notice

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