About the Eftsure Verifications Integration

Last updated March 20, 2024
Written by Stephen Atkinson

Eftsure is Australia's market leader in payment fraud prevention. Specifically designed for businesses, Eftsure's end-to-end solution safeguards more than $216b in B2B payments per year. Eftsure's mission is to build a safer business community. With a large and continuously growing database of verified supplier details (the only one of its kind), Eftsure uses multi-factor verification to give businesses greater knowledge and control over onboarding suppliers, receiving invoices and making payments. In short, Eftsure ensures our customers never pay the wrong people.

Integrating Eftsure into your Felix vendor onboarding workflows can save you additional time and effort in validating bank details as part of vendor compliance and fraud prevention program.

You can bring your Eftsure subscription credentials into Felix and automatically have Australian and New Zealand based bank details from vendors routed to Eftsure for either instant verification or for processing. Results will be updated in Felix, completing this aspect of the vendor onboarding.

Features of the Felix-Eftsure integration:

  1. Keep Felix as your single source of entry for vendor onboarding and data, complete with vendor self-service features.
  2. Have vendor bank details submissions automatically sent to Eftsure and either verified on the spot, or queued for processing.
  3. See the Eftsure bank detail verification result in Felix, right along side your other onboarding progress and onboarding notifications.
  4. Assign Eftsure entities to bank details in your Felix payment details workflows.

For more details on Eftsure, please visit www.eftsure.com 

For more details on the benfits of the Eftsure-Felix Integration, please visit www.felix.net/integrations/eftsure 

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