Viewing and managing payment details with Eftsure

Last updated March 21, 2024
Written by Stephen Atkinson


If your organisation has enabled the Eftsure integration, Eftsure will perform the validation (for domestic Australian and New Zealand payments only) and Felix will retrieve and show this status in Felix.

Domestic details submitted for any other bank country than Australia or New Zealand will require manual validation by your organisation, even with Eftsure enabled.

International payment details like SWIFT and IBAN still require manual validation by your organisation as Eftsure doesn't offer this service. Refer to this article for how to manually validate a payment detail.

What do vendors see when Eftsure is enabled?

When vendors onboard to your organisation and Eftsure is enabled, they will see a slightly different payment details creation form for Australian and New Zealand bank details.

  • As they fill out their bank details, Eftsure will provide real time feedback on their BSB/NCC, Account Number and Account Name. 
  • They will be informed at the point of form submission whether Eftsure has already (previously) verified their details, or whether Eftsure will need to reach out to them for verification.
  • They will be informed that the accounts receivable email address they provide will be the recipient of the Eftsure verification emails.

Vendors are now also able to edit their payment details rather than having to deactivate and submit new details.

For full details, refer to the vendor help guides in this help guide folder.

Payment detail statuses with Eftsure enabled

There are three (3) statuses Felix will display based on results from Eftsure validations:

  1. Approved (green)
  2. Pending (yellow/orange)
  3. Review (red)

Approved (green) status means that either (a) Eftsure performed a validation for this vendor's bank account details and confirmed them to be valid; or (b) Eftsure has previously validated the bank details and hence can validate them based on their proprietary database. Eftsure call this "cross-matching" and the help text next to the Approved badge will disclose this.

Pending (yellow/orange) status means that Eftsure validation was required and is in process with Eftsure. Felix checks in with Eftsure throughout the day to update validation results in Felix.

If you have the Entities sub-feature enabled for Eftsure in Felix, then you might need to take action to assign an Eftsure entity (e.g. department, operating company) before the validation can finish. See below section for details.

A status of Review (red) means that Eftsure has reached out to the vendor and the vendor needs to edit and re-submit correct details in Felix. Vendors are able to edit the payment detail and re-submit.

Felix will also provide tool tips on these badges to support you:

Managing Eftsure payment details with the "Entities" feature enabled

Your organisation, if they have "Entities" established in Eftsure, can choose to assign entities to payment details submitted in Felix, so that Felix can help allocate data to the right Eftsure entity.

Examples of entities might be operating companies or business divisions.

There is an additional step involved in Felix in this setup. See this article for details on assigning entities to payment details.

Non-Eftsure payment details will still be routed to you for manual verification

If Eftsure is enabled, and a vendor submits either (a) an international payment routing detail (e.g. SWIFT or IBAN); or (b) payment details for a bank country other than Australia or New Zealand - then you will receive an email notifying you that a payment detail not covered by Eftsure requires your attention.

See this article for details on how to manually verify a payment detail from a vendor.

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